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“Zavod Alur” LLC, principal area of activity is production of composite reinforcement and composite mesh used in construction.

At the present the composite materials are used in various industries such as aircraft engineering, ship building and, of course, in all types of construction. It does not count for complete replacement of steel structures in construction. But it is more and more frequently that a common consumer and a big construction developer, seeing technological and economic benefit, uses the composite reinforcement and composite mesh in his projects.

Having started its activity in 2015, “Zavod Alur”, LLC have selected the production of composite reinforcement and composite mesh as a vector for its development, because these particular materials shall facilitate the construction process to full extent remaining advantageous on the economic plane. In the beginning of any construction design “Zavod Alur”, LLC recommends to get familiar with characteristics of the products produced by us in respect to your facility, to carry out technical calculations and understand the economic components, and only afterwards, make correct choice between metal and composite materials.

Only the raw materials from the global manufacturers of roving and resins are used during manufacture of glass-fibre plastic, basalt reinforcement and composite mesh, and the process is controlled by the qualified specialists. The glass-fibre plastic, basalt reinforcement and composite mesh produced by “Zavod Alur”, LLC is a ready-made product manufactured on high quality equipment with observation of all technological process standards. “Zavod Alur”, LLC considers its main task in provision of high quality composite glass-fibre plastic reinforcement, basalt reinforcement  and glass-fibre plastic mesh available by price to the consumer, which are easy-to-work and durable in service.

The efficient purchase of the selected goods appeals to any purchaser. However, having selected a negligent supplier, one can run into various difficulties. When ordering the composite reinforcement and mesh from “Zavod Alur”, LLC, the purchase acquires not only a high quality goods within the specified terms, but he also gets an individual approach in each in each particular case. “Zavod Alur”, LLC is ready to manufacture the glass-fibre plastic reinforcement and the composite mesh with non-standard bar diameter on the Customer's request. The plant personnel endeavours to prevent the disputable situations, and under certain conditions, is always ready to consider the question of adjustment of price for composite mesh and glass-fibre plastic reinforcement.

Having taken the decision to purchase the composite reinforcement and composite mesh from “Zavod Alur”, LLC, You will get the high quality product at a time which suits you.

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