Composite mesh

Composite mesh is one of the best proposals in the innovation construction materials market of Europe and Russia today! It represents a polymer-bonded roving based on epoxy resins. It is manufactured by us in two suitable formats (sheets and rollers) using the state-of-the-art technology-intensive equipment.

The composite mesh  area of application is wide and diversified. Firstly, this is industrial and civil construction. It is indispensable in agriculture, in hangars and warehouses, in hydro- and treatment facilities and settling reservoirs. It proved to be good at chemical production facilities as well.

The composite masonry mesh is indispensable for reinforcement:

  • wall masonry and concrete slabs;
  • building walls;
  • floorings;
  • concrete elements exposed to increased moisture.

The composite mesh, used as the masonry element during construction of the brick walls and cellular concrete walls, allows to strengthen the building and extend its useful life considerably without any need for cosmetic repairs, because such meshes remove the occurrence of the concrete joints cracking significantly.

The composite mesh makes it possible to significantly improve the building thermal insulation and reduce the amount of consumed cement grout. As it is known, the plastic is the material possessing minimal thermal conductivity, thereby the total thermal conductivity of the house walls does not increase. This is a rather significant factor taken into consideration during construction of houses in cold climates.


The composite mesh made of composite reinforces rods is a guaranteed security for provision of safety in the area of construction and other types of the human activity. Suffice it to say that the less favourable the ecological and meteorological conditions for its application are, the more impressive and reliable result is. Owing to the composite composition of the material used during manufacture of the meshes, the service life and the time between repairs of the structures using the glass-fibre plastic mesh increases significantly — by 2 −3 times! — under other equal conditions, they outweigh the results and duration of using the conventional metal reinforcement meshes. This is particularly evident visually in the so-called aggressive media containing various salts, alkalis and acids, as well as under significant temperature and humidity differentials. These chemical and natural factor affect the metal extremely negatively, causing corrosion, weakening of structures, and finally, result in man-made destructions and disasters.

The composite mesh main physical properties and saving characteristics:

  • strength and capability to withstand significant loads due to available composite reinforcement in the base of bars, which is stronger than the metal analogue;
  • small weight; such mesh weight is 6 times less than the metal mesh;
  • durability; increased resistance to corrosion and chemical action; according to the expert estimation, the mesh useful life, with no loss of its operational capabilities, exceeds 90 years;
  • reduction of heat losses and protection from moisture formation;
  • excellent seizing (adhesion) with concrete;
  • no electrical conductivity and magnetizability;
  • low level of vibration due to high elasticity and shock resistance;
  • capability for reduction of transverse cracks formation by 1.5 — 2 times, elasticity, resistance to tension and preservation of the form;
  • profitability and labour saving reduction;
  • environmental safety — the level of carbon dioxide emitted in the course of manufacture is 40 times less than during production of the similar metal mesh;
  • low cost and and capability for operation under complicated conditions.